A Good Partner for Badminton Players - Honey Water

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Badminton is an enchanting sport.

Players shoot around the rectangular court, 13.4 m long and 6.1 m wide, swinging their racket, receiving, playing smashes, using various kinds of shot, the muscle required to respond instantly, making it a sport that combines speed, power, suppleness and explosive power.

Two of Korea’s masterly exponents of badminton

In this game that demands speed and skill, no matter if singles or doubles play, a single games exercise many of the body’s muscle groups as well as causing the body to expel a large amount of water in the form of sweat. When a person sweats profusely their body temperature can easily rise, making he/she prone to fatigue. If rehydration does not occur at the right time, a person’s sporting performance will definitely be affected. This is why you always see professional players frequently taking drinks during matches.

Attention must be paid to keeping hydrated when doing sports

Generally speaking, when doing sport for up to 90 minutes drinking tap water is sufficient, however, after 90 minutes of sport it’s best to drink something that contains sugar or electrolytes because, when we engage in sport for a long period of time, we use up energy and our blood sugar level lowers; if the body isn’t resupplied we can easily feel lightheaded, have difficulty concentering or have muscle aches.

The sports drinks sold in shops contain a certain amount of sugar, enough to maintain our body’s energy and electrolytes. But what is the best way to ease fatigue and resupply the body with nutrients?

The answer is: Drink honey water!

Honey water is a really healthy
natural drink

Drinking honey water is the most direct way to replenish energy

Honey has a 65-75% content of glucose and fructose.

Well before honey is harvested by people, these two saccharides have been broken into monosaccharides by the enzymes in bee saliva. Monosaccarides are the most simple of saccharides structurally and are water soluble and can be directly absorbed by the body. This means that drinking honey water is a better way of replenishing the body’s energy than absorbing saccharide energy from sugar, eating chocolate or another kind of sweet food or drinking any other drink.

Honey contains various active vitamins

Honey contains all the vitamins the body needs, 72% of which are active vitamins (such as Vitamin B group and C). Most of the vitamin pills in the market are not active vitamins and so the body’s absorbency rate is relatively low; even if they are taken in large quantities they don’t compare to active vitamins. Honey contains an excellent mix of natural active vitamins.

Honey is alkaline and also the food with most enzymes in nature
Honey contains malic acid, citric acid, succinate, formic acid, dextronic acid and has the effect of adjusting acidity levels, making the body alkaline.

Honey contains more enzymes than any other natural food. Enzymes are added to the nutritious nectar collected by bees from flowers during the process of making honey. Eating honey won’t just lower the body’s acidity levels and make it alkaline, the enzymes will help digestion.

Guess what Korean player Sung Ji-hyun is drinking?
For the above reasons it can be seen that when playing badminton, or after, drinking honey water is a good way to boost energy levels, repair muscle tissue and increase metabolic rate.

In fact, if you pay attention you will see that at many major tournaments, players don’t just drink water in the breaks between play, they also take a few sips of another drink. This drink is very likely to be their “secret weapon,” honey water!

We suggest that, when you play badminton, you drink a suitable amount of honey water, prepared according to your own taste and physical situation, to maintain energy levels and the delay the onset of fatigue.

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