Introduction to MX-30L and other VICTOR women’s racket

Badminton coaching will introduce the MX-30L racket (Pic.1,) a racket for women in the All-around Meteor X  series, and the first Super grade professional racket developed by VICTOR, to everyone today. 

The MX-30L inherits the features of other All-Around Meteor X  series rackets ; the frame has a highly stable octablade cross-section design.

In terms of weight, the racket has a 4U specification especially designed for women, and weighs just 80~84.9g, allowing female players become accustomed to using the racket more easily.

The wooden handle is a G1 handle to match the average palm size of women, allowing the racket to be more easily controlled and more power to be produced. 


Pic. 1 MX-30L


As for the shaft, the original 7.2mm diameter of the Meteor X series has been changed to a 7.0mm shaft more suited to women, not only increasing shaft flexibility and toughness, also reducing racket weight and raising the balance point, giving more smash power and accuracy.

Because it gives more attacking power, in comparison to other women’s rackets, such as the BRS-160L ,  the MX-30L has a relatively heavy swing feel, the same movement requiring more muscle power, however, the benefits are that shots are more powerful and accurate. 

Players require relatively good fitness, muscle power, stamina and technique to be able to get the best out of the MX-30L in terms of its excellent power and stability performamce.

As well as the MX-30L, VICTOR women’s rackets also include the BRS-160L (Pic. 2,)  ; the BRS-160L is a speed type Pro grade racket in the Brave Sword series  suitable for advanced female players.

Its most striking feature is that it can be swung quickly, shortening the time required to make a return shot.  



Pic. 2  BRS-160

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