JS-12, the story of the summer in 2016, brought shiny success to Team VICTOR and saw praises and amazement flood in on how it became the new “it” racket to have for shuttlers at all levels. As good as it is, the VICTOR R&D Lab, considering the natural differences in physicality between men and women, wanted to dedicate a ladies’ special JS-12F to all the badminton superwomen to make the JS-12 experience more exclusive and enjoyable. We had seen the JS-12F on the stage of a major for the first time in Birmingham at this year’s All England Open, where Malaysian mixed doubles star Goh Liu Ying earned herself a silver plate using this model. And not long ago, we witnessed the historic moment when Korean’s top-ranked woman Sung Ji Hyun and young mixed doubles talent Chae Yoo Jung helped their country win the Sudirman Cup, both proudly equipped with JS-12F as well.

Goh Liu Ying


VICTOR did a survey with women at various playing levels with different game styles and found out besides how the rackets look, their ability to produce quality shots effortlessly is key for them in choosing their weapons. So, when to develop the JS-12F, VICTOR took on these two aspects hoping to give the feminine touch to the JS-12.



Based on the design of JS-12 but retouched with a simplified water-transfer racket print inspired by cherry blossoms, the JS-12F appears in a teal tone with flashes of neon orange and metallic silver, in order to provide an energetic vibe matching with the bouncy easiness in the JS-12F.

Sung Ji Hyun


Chae Yoo Jung




Engineered with the Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS) and an “Aero-sword” frame technology, the JS-12F is ultra resilient but remains with good crisp and smooth feel. It feels easier to control over fast paced net exchanges. The racket head speed is also benefitted with the new frame design and provides better ability to penetrate in attacking clears and drives.

The JS-12F is distinct from the JS-12 with less stiffness, lighter swing weight (lighter overall weight as well for a 3U model), and a balance that is more toward the handle for quicker adjustment to assist the last-minute inspiration in shot selection. The effortless power, although not as huge as what other heavier models can provide, makes it easier to transform the body weight to attacks on the run. The solid feel off each hit receives a lot of positive feedback from our female testers. If you feel like you’re not usually the most aggressive player and want to have a bigger game, the JS-12F is the racket to have a try with, especially for those who cannot quite generate satisfying pace with 4U rackets but find the 3U ones even harder to maneuver.