Craftsmen of Badminton | Passing The Torch - Zhao Jian-Hua

“Trophies are just results. Passion for badminton that pulls you through ups and downs, wins and losses, means everything.”–  Zhao Jian-Hua, Global Technical Advisor


Zhao Jian-Hua was one of the “Big Four” of international badminton. When he swings the racket, the motion is so smooth that his equipment has become a part of his body. Zhao entered a PE school at age 12 and was introduced to badminton. He then became a professional badminton player and started his decades-long badminton career.



With great talent and hard-work, Zhao developed his own unique style of play. He broke out on the badminton scene by consecutively defeating four elite players in his international debut. “The most important thing is to love whatever you’re doing,” Zhao explained. “If you love it, you will enjoy it.” Whenever he faces difficulty, it’s always his passion for badminton that encourages him, gets him ready to go all out in every game.


As a professional, Zhao is used to competition. However, he has a unique opinion when it comes to the definition of victory.


“Trophies are just results. Passion for badminton that pulls you through ups and downs, wins and losses, means everything.” Zhao said. “Leave no regret. It’s most fun when me and my opponent both can play our best games. Then, I’d say passion wins. Badminton wins. There is no loser.”



VICTOR has been providing sponsorship supports since the 1990s. By listening to players’ feedback, VICTOR is able to adjust for the better. Zhao joined many champion names in Team VICTOR in 2003 and became a Global Technical Advisor in 2010. His job is to review feedbacks from amateur and pro players to analyze market demands, then innovate new ideas. Zhao thinks that VICTOR is a pioneer. The firm always stays hungry, seeking innovation to inspire achievement. “I studied management for a period of time when I stepped down from the court, and I know that the effort on research and development plays an important role for a brand to stay competitive. VICTOR is doing a good job to listen and to find their customers.” He said.



Apart from expanding production lines and inventing new technology, the ability to connect with the fans plays a key role for the brand’s sustainable operation. Zhao is currently the head coach of China’s Guangxi provincial badminton team. He focuses on training next generation players and makes presence in VICTOR’s special training videos to introduce people to the world of badminton. “VICTOR emphasizes on promoting the sport of badminton and bringing in new blood. Working at VICTOR not only gives me the opportunity to contribute my experience and expertise to the industry, but it keeps my passion for badminton alive and growing,” Zhao said.


“Do what you love” is the motto. Zhao encourages everyone to enjoy the sport and not to be afraid of challenges, and that’s VICTOR’s spirit. Zhao’s badminton career not only brought him new lights on his life, but also helped him to open a door to success beyond badminton.